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Themes and Customization

We offer a range of base or 'stock' themes available to smaller venues that don't need a whole lot of customization. These themes are ready to go out of the box and are maintained quicker than customized themes that require more work. Our stock themes are optimized to run at their best even under high loads which ensures your site is working nice and fast whenever you release new tickets or attract a lot of website visitors.

Click on the images below to view the themes in an enlarged format.

ASTRA - All Events Theme

Astra is a modern theme with a blue tint across the pages - this can be customized in line with your branding too. It offers 2 x 4 cards with information on the homepage for newly posted events and comes equipped with blog and post pages.

STADUS - Modern Arts Theme

Stadus is a theme created for modern arts venues that include beautiful mobile-friendly pages and a homepage that spans 1 x 4 cards of events and a blog feature with 3 of the most recent posts being displayed on the homepage.

Theme Customizability

With our stock themes, we're happy to modify aspects of the theme to fit your branding - just so your customers can differentiate sites and so on. Below is a list of elements we're happy to change for you.

  • Logo
  • Page titles, brand titles and site titles
  • Favicon
  • Default Theme Colours
  • Background shades

Service Demos

We can offer demos on the full system you would receive as well as on all the themes we're offering as 'stock themes'. These can be requested and supplied on demand alongside a direct contact for a sales agent who can answer any questions you may have in regards to the system prior to joining on a monthly or yearly contract.

Screenshots & Media

Below are some screenshots from the themes we provide alongside parts of the system you may not see usually as a frontend user. These screenshots are currently solely based on the Astra theme and colours.

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